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Alex Maskara Is Pinoy

Alex Maskara is a fiction name.
It attempts to explore the psyche of the Filipino and Filipino-American.
It writes fiction reflective of the Filipino and Fil-American's culture heritage.
Its writing avoids pretensions; it simply comes from the soul and heart.
Alex Maskara is hoping to create an e-zine similar to Liwayway.
It's not an ideal place to learn writing but it hopes to entertain you.
Alex Maskara is also a thought, an imagination, a mask, a place to hide.
It is for and about the Filipino and Fil-american experience.
It reviews Filipino and Fil-American authors and writings.
It writes fiction, essays, shorts stories, novels in series, poems.
It makes comments almost about anything and everything.
So it is not immune from mistakes which are immediately corrected.
The author obviously uses the name Alex Maskara.
He lives in Florida, both Filipino and American citizen.
This Alex Maskara wants to re-create the country he once lived in.
He was once a native of Lubao Pampanga, his first twenty-eight years.
Nobody in Lubao, of course, remembers him anymore except his immediate family members.
And old neighbors that are now slowly dying one by one.
Alex Maskara wants them to stay through his words.
Sad, but life in the Philippines is like this.
Get born, live a little, go somewhere and maybe never to return.
What the Philippines remembers is the mask you left behind.